About us

Think D.I.F., LLC was started by John Nwosu, Ed.S., NCC. John is a human developer and active school counselor who uses the power of school counseling praxis to spark essential change in schools and other interconnected social systems.





A society where diverse individuals, groups, and organizations thrive because they are able to use thinking, data, and interactions to develop attitudes, norms, policies, daily practices, and systems that work together to elevate the agency, wellbeing, and trajectories of all its members.

Mission Statement

Our number one mission is to develop the will and skill for essential change by helping organizations create the conditions for stakeholders to learn, unlearn, and become more equitable in practice.


Events &

From keynote speeches to extended training, we provide impactful experiences that support the development of skills and will for essential change.


We work with clients to make sense then clear decisions using evidence-based approaches for problem solving. We use a Networked Ecological Systems approach to develop skill and will for improving the fit between individuals and their systems.

Mental Health

We partner with Brave Tomorrow Counseling & Consulting and A Place 4 Me Counseling to offer short term counseling and long term therapy based on the needs of our clients.


We offer diverse merch that reflects our beliefs, values, and causes; Take a moment to see if there is anything you can wear and share that reflects yours too!

“Many educators and leaders feel concerned, lost, or alone
because increasing barriers to wellbeing make it harder to
develop humans each day. We develop the skill and will for
essential change to empower professionals to develop
conditions that lead to stakeholders learning the social and
emotional habits that lead to career and life wellbeing.”


 Leading diverse people means lifting them in ways that don’t cause others to fall. We can teach you where to start.

Think D.i.F.

Systemically different outcomes start with different thoughts and habits. Let us help you live your healthiest thoughts.


Fearless Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are essential for life, career, and future wellbeing. We can lead you in develoing your SEL plan. 


We offer one-of-a-kind support to school counselors, teachers, administrators and all scool professionals through all areas of expertise. 

Areas of

We Work to clarify essential processes and practices

Including Advocacy, Anti-racism, Career Development, Collaboration, Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Consultation, Data Analysis, Ecological Systems, Economic Justice, Gender Identity Development, Implicit Bias, Institutional Discrimination (Oppression), Leadership, Political Justice, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS), Sexual Orientation Expression, Social Justice, Stress & Trauma, Suicide, The Problem Solving Model

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About John

John is a human developor that believes in helping individuals, families, and communities rise in ways that don’t cause others to fall. He grew up near Atlanta and is the product of a Nigerian and African-American family with high levels of love, support, and expectations. 

After years of chronic underperforming, he graduated from Georgia Southern University with a bunch of debt and a degree in Chemistry. But, his life experiences brought him to schoool counseling. 

He currently works in one of the largest school districts in the nation where he shows scholars how to show up, grow up, glow up, and sow up while also promoting social, economic, and political justice in and outside of the classroom.

John is a certified mental health counselor, national speaker and trainer, and the founder of Think D.I.F., LLC. HE currently lives in Atlanta with his beautiful and amazing wife, Chanelle, and son, John. 

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