The American garden sprouted from the seeds of innovation. For a large number of people, life has been pretty simple. The steps for success (i.e. setting a goal and achieving it) have been pretty obvious and reliable. As long as people followed the steps, they were guaranteed life, liberty, and opportunity. What a revolutionary idea! Today, it seems that this experience is becoming less true for more people. We have to think differently. The process of moving from all men to all people having equally inalienable rights has too often been filled with pain and peril. As more diverse crops are included and the complexity of our garden increases, we must work to ensure that every seed we plant has fair and equitable opportunities to grow and thrive if the goal is to sustain our garden!


When it comes to people, genes load the gun but environment pulls the trigger. Our goal is to make the most challenging social environments in our world better through collaboration, counseling, coaching, and consulting. We envision a world where everyone can live freely and safely, thrive, and find their own way of adding something that matters to our communities.


Our world isn’t getting simpler; it’s only becoming more complex. We now live in a world where many things interact with each other in ways that give rise to something different. Our outcomes aren’t the result of one or a few decisions. Our outcomes are the result of a lot of things including consequences from our past and a bunch of things in our present occurring at the same time while a bunch of people make decisions and interact with one another at the same time. As things become more complex, it becomes more difficult to predict with certainty how things will play out. Think DIF emerged from our complex reality, and so our approach to changing the world for the better is shaped heavily by the field of complexity.


In order to thrive in a complex world, we have to be innovative. Striking the right rhythm between established and new ideas is important. We have to figure out what matters most to us. We also have to try new things and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. We especially must be courageously enough to adjust to new and different realities and think differently as times change and new challenges arise.

Diversity + Inclusion + Fairness

Increased levels of inclusion at every level of our society lead to new challenges. There are benefits and costs that come with more diversity and inclusion, but the long term benefits tend to outweigh the costs when we work to be fair in our interactions with one another. Fairness and equity are both concern with making sure people have what they need. Equality is about making sure everyone has the same things. Having a playing field that is equally leveled for everyone tomorrow will require us to make equity-based decisions today. 


There are some things that will never be as they were. Our country continues to become more diverse. More people are using their voice and have platforms to share their stories. More people are fighting to protect their lives and liberties. At the same time, there are also more people fighting to to silence those voices and mute those platforms that clash with the things they believe in. This isn’t new, but it is still at time shocking. If our goal is to be thriving 100 years from now, we must consider current and past discrimination as we “level the playing field” today.

Our Message

Our ultimate message is simply this: Equitable Sustainability in a Complex world. If any of this resonates with you, we ask that you do three things:

  • visit us again
  • share our message with others
  • visit our store and, when you’re able to, buy something that shows others what you believe

To our individual and collective greatness,


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