There were a lot of wins from last night’s midterm elections. We should celebrate those, but we should also take a moment to clearly talk about some of the Ls. This is hilariously frustrating. Both gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams (Georgia) and Andrew Gillum (Florida) ran great campaigns. Both are significantly more qualified than their opponents. Both lost by roughly 75k votes. If you believe in democracy, America, and its aspirational values of life, liberty, and opportunity for all (read: equity), you should be pissed. Here’s why:

  1. Let’s start here: If one of your students or children spread rumors, lies, or played unfairly, would they be rewarded with a leadership position? What message are we sending to our kids when we continue to make decisions like this just so “our” team can win?
  2. There are places in our country where racism and ignorance are living their best lives. Ron DeSantis and Brian Kemp directly linked their campaigns to Donald Trump. The three of them and MANY of their voters are actively racist. Maybe not burn a cross in your frontĀ  yard racist, but definitely call the police on Black people for breathing racist — still racist. This shouldn’t be news, and it isn’t meant to be (very) controversial. In a number of cases the DeSantis and Kemp used racist rhetoric to move their bases to action, and it worked (barely). They tapped into what was already there.
  3. There is also a clear relationship between Republican voters, level of education, and White people. If you are a Republican, but you aren’t wealthy you’re supporting the wrong issues and party. Let’s also remember that a majority of White men and women STILL voted for candidates who align themselves with Trump, an incompetent bigot and wanna-be fascist. Again, if you’re wondering what racist actions look like, here’s one super clear example.
  4. They (i.e. conservatives) also used their political power to suppress voters who would have likely voted against them. Again, nothing new but still frustrating.
  5. Kemp was allowed to oversee an election that he was participating in. There have been a number of irregularities which mean one of two things: He’s either incompetent or intentionally cheating. Actually, it’s probably both.
  6. The country is moving left, I hope more Democrats follow suit. I also hope we move away from a two-party system. We need to increase competition in our political market. After all, this is a capitalist society, right?

It’s reasonable to feel frustrated…

The bad news – This is just a new version of the worst parts of our country. It’s going to mean that more people suffer, especially those who are most vulnerable (many of whom voted against Abrams and Gillum).

The good news – This election cycle could potentially represent the end of an era. The fight is far from over, but Georgia is looking purple. Most Republican voters are old, scared, and/or racist. And even with all the cheating, they only won narrowly.

More good news – Charisse Davis just won a hard fought race for a Cobb County School Board seat! Cobb is the 2nd biggest school district in GA and 23rd in the nation. This is a HUGE accomplishment! She is a product of the Cobb’s education system and lives in the community. She ran a campaign that focused on meeting the needs of the community, she reflects the increased diversity our entire county is experiencing, and, most importantly, she won! She is also a former educator who values educating children above all else!! This kind of thing is happening all over the nation, but you won’t hear about it on Fox, CNN, or MSNBC. Before Kemp was a racist, cheating Secretary of State, he was a racist state rep. We’ve got to find ways to get and stay plugged in locally.

Last piece, generally, we stay away from labeling people. But the way our brains are set up, when you wear the uniform and do the things, labels become associated with your identity . If you’re more offended by being labeled a racist than actually doing racist things, you’re literally on of the largest parts of the problem lol

To be super clear, supporting and voting for people who do racist things is a racist thing. None of you — Trump, DeSantis, Kemp, or you — will stop the show. Have a great day!

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